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Tangie Ghost Train

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What is Tangie Ghost Train?

Tangie Ghost Train is a wonderful genetic pairing of potent and familiar cultivars created through a collaboration with Rare Dankness, DNA Genetics, and Little Chief. Tangie Ghost Train is a cross between DNA Genetics’ Tangie and Rare Dankness’s Ghost Train Haze #1. Expressing bulbous, golf-ball shaped buds with a dense structure and light orange hue, Tangie Ghost Train is as delicious as it looks. The trichome-covered buds reek of cedar and candied oranges with a tangy, pungent finish. This sativa-dominant strain is perfect for overcoming chronic fatigue. 

Where to Buy Tangie Ghost Train

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Tangie Ghost Train Effects and Attributes

Falta de apetito
Presión ocular
Ojos secos
Boca seca

Tangie Ghost Train Genetics and Grow Info

Tangie Ghost Train Flavors

  • 1. Cítricos
  • 2. Orange
  • 3. Dulce

Reseñas destacadas

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“Picked this up at house of dankness the day after the had freshly cO2 canned it, when cracking open the can, the smell was out of this world, citrus, tart orange and tangerine with a subtle hints of fuel and grapefruit. Literally one of the best tasting strains I've had, and considering this is coming from my favorite Dispensary and breeders, this will be in my regular rotation. Like a slight kick in the teeth of adr...”

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“Small cone like light green nugs littered with orange hairs and a shimmering crystallization. The smell is a mix of skunk and orange. The taste is what really blows my mind! Upon inhale the only taste I can really describe it as is big league bubblegum and brach’s gummy orange slices! With some ganja goodness mixed in of course, but the super candy like sweet orange taste is what really made this bowl over the top as...”


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