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Red Headed Stranger {{value}} {{symbol}}Rhs {{category}}Sativa

Red Headed Stranger

4,5| 151 reseñas

What is Red Headed Stranger?

Red Headed Stranger es una raza sativa energética que recibe su nombre en honor del álbum publicado por Willie Nelson en 1975. Un cruce entre la Haze de Tom Hill y William’s Wonder, Red Headed Stranger te ofrece una inyección de vigor cerebral que estimulará la creatividad y la concentración. Fiel a su herencia Haze, Red Headed Stranger posee un intenso aroma especiado con sutiles notas herbales.

Where to Buy Red Headed Stranger

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Red Headed Stranger Effects and Attributes

Falta de apetito
Dolor de cabeza
Ojos secos
Boca seca

Red Headed Stranger Genetics and Grow Info

Red Headed Stranger Flavors

  • 1. Picante/Hierbas
  • 2. Tierra
  • 3. Cítricos

Reseñas destacadas

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“This strain is definitely probably the best sativa I have ever had. The closest I've ever come to it is, first, Light of Jah followed by Durban Poison and Jet Fuel (out of CO). The high is Divine. At the right dose the clarity of mind it facilitates and the ease of settling deeper into a state of what I call "aware mindfulness"; being mindful without effort. It's like something that the mind is being focused on that...”

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“Like super super happy!!!! Great for a party or having to socialize. Take huge amounts for severe depression. Pain killer, but short lived. clear n focus, too much ......turn into a faerie.”


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