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Power Plant reseñas

Buena a muy buena
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  • “Power Plant is my favorite daytime use. I have extreme chronic pain from fibromalgia and it allows me to stay clear headed and reduced my pain significantly. I also feel energized from both the strain and reduction in pain. What amazed me about this strain is how clear headed it is and how clear my vision becomes. It has been the best strain for me. I can be in 7-9 level pain and feel an immediate and significan...”

  • “First of, i'm quite a big guy with a pretty high tolerance. But this weed hit me like a truck. i haven't been this far off sober in a long time, so you can already see that this weed is quite the powerhouse. The smell: The smell of the strain didn't show much of the potency of the weed. it kind of a smelly weed in the good sense of the word. When you first open the bag or container you're hit with a kind of sweet ea...”

  • “Amnesia Haze was my favorite Sativa. No more, this Sativa is stronger than almost every kush I've smoked. Very high pain relieving qualities. Very uplifting.”

  • “Power plant is POWERFUL! Sativa 80 / Indica 20 - Well balanced combination of body and mental effects. Physically, provides significant relief to muscle spasms and related pain. Very uplifting, calm, even meditative, without being sedating. Great for daytime medicating. Smooth creamy smoke with light flavors. Excellent all around strain. Rated 9/10.”

  • “Very clear high. I have very strong anxiety and this strain does not trigger it, helps me stay uplifted and without apathy, but is also good for insomnia. It's difficult to find strains that leave you functional but this is definitely one. Very strong so watch the dosage.”

  • “Always a reliable strain, very potent stuff, quite uplifting, and makes for a very colorful perspective. I often find things to be much shinier with this strain. Also very euphoric and energetic. :3”

  • “This weed when smoked had a weird spicy woody flavor to it that when exhaled immediately hit you harder than a train, giving you effects that make you feel powerful. Great strain for lifting. 4.5/5”