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Pandora's Box {{value}} {{symbol}}Pan {{category}}Sativa

Pandora's Box

4,3| 133 reseñas

What is Pandora's Box?

Un cruce predominantemente sativa entre Jack the Ripper y Space Queen, esta raza tiene elevados niveles de THC y un sabor cítrico.

Where to Buy Pandora's Box

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Pandora's Box Effects and Attributes

Dolor de cabeza
Ojos secos
Boca seca
Dolor de cabeza

Pandora's Box Genetics and Grow Info

Pandora's Box Flavors

  • 1. Cítricos
  • 2. Madera
  • 3. Diesel

Reseñas destacadas

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“I was immediately impressed by the nice, comfortable, even high this strain delivered. I had to share some with my girlfriend to see how she would react. Her first response was, "I feel all tingly, this isn't the same stuff as last time." I can't remember why but we both went into a ten minute laughing fit. Giggling like a teenager when I'm high isn't something I'm used to experiencing. So I guess I would descri...”

Más reciente

“This was just what i was looking for this morning when i woke up. I was tired and needed a sativa and a coffee. Got this for $18 for an 8th. Definitely a citrus smell and look. First few puffs while walking had me lit. Was comfortable while smoking and walking, had no coughs just thoughts. When i was finished my legs felt like little bird legs walking lol it definitely gave me a good high energy with teeny tiny anxi...”


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