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•yowza, what a mind+body euphoric🔥💣-blast!• Presently smoking a BEAUTY-bud — Curaleaf's T-25% Haze, and after a mere 3 small bong-tokes, am a giddy & childlike-high.. of which i have not been in a very long time! • ¡Euphoria🔥overload! • • Highly recommend, albeit best-suited for long-timers. Newbies, start slow/even ONE hit w/any high-thc content, to truly enjoy this proud 🍊&🌲 piney parent of so many energizing sativa strains! •
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Forma y método

  • Flor
  • Humo


  • Excitación
  • Ojos secos
  • Energía
  • Euforia
  • Risueño
  • Felicidad
  • Hambre
  • Hormigueo
  • Ánimo

Perfil de sabores

  • Cítrico
  • Tierra
  • Limón
  • Pino
  • Picante/Hierbas
  • Madera

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