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Grapefruit reseñas

Buena a muy buena
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  • “I had obtained Grapefruit from my provider due to them not having my usual strains in stock a few months back. Their lineup is all outstanding, so I was more than content trying something new. Upon getting home and opening the bag, I was overwhelmed with a strong, bitter citrus aroma that was obviously the cause for it's name. Mouthwatering and almost beckons you to bring your nose closer again for multiple whiffs. V...”

  • “Grapefruit is a phenomenal strain for my PTSD. As a Marine veteran I hardly used cannabis pre enlistment, but after treating my ptsd related anxiety for years with alcohol I was desperate to find a change. The multiple meds the VA gave me took me on one of the worst emotional roller coaster rides of my life then I found the grapefruit strain. This strain proved stereotypes wrong. I could function without couch lock ...”

  • “This aromatic sativa has a citrusy taste and scent with a nice full yet energetic high. Light colas with more orange hairs than a Irish orphanage. Great for daytime hiking, biking, surfing, gardening, housecleaning, and goes good with morning coffee even as part of a daily nutritional breakfast.”

  • “In one word, Grapefruit could be described as HEADY. This wonderfully citrus-sweet Sativa has an palate that is very unique to the strain; I could easily pick it out in a blind taste-test. It leaves behind the taste of a sharp citrus fruit with hints of a sweet almost candy-like flavor. The yield was better than I had expected, with nice light green colas that were large in size, and nice and dense too. I recommend ...”

  • “I absolutely love this strain. I suffer from debilatating anxiety. I have been staying away from sativas, scared for any extra energy. We had a vendor bring in a sample and I tried it before I did any research on the strain. I FELT AMAZING!! I wanted to dance!! I give this bud a 9 across the board, Taste, smell, effects....AWESOME!! I was shocked when I found out it was a pure Sativa...One of my new favorite strains....”

  • “A sweet hitting, citrusy and uplifting strain that gets you talking and induces a sociable, happy and giggly high. Won't put you to sleep, but helps a lot with pain or soreness. Can begin to make lighter smokers paranoid if you overdo it. A good wake and Bake smoke.”

  • “Pleasant strain that didn't totally strip me of my mental faculties. Sedating, but didn't make me lethargic. Felt a general sense of well-being. Suppressed my nausea and made me a little hungry (so the tug to eat is there, but not overwhelming). Overall, pretty decent.”

  • “Heady! Very uplifting and energetic. Might be a little strong for people who do not smoke daily. Great work strain for the grind if you can handle it. Smells just like a yellow grapefruit, amazingly similar. Taste kinda sour but also sweet at the same time. Very tasty. I'm literally going back for more as soon as I'm done with this review!!!”