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Golden Tiger

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What is Golden Tiger?

Golden Tiger is a resinous flower created from two Thai strains and two separate Malawi cuts. Bred by Ace Seeds, this pure sativa flower is a complex blend of Koh Chang Thai and Hmong Thai crossed with Malawi and 3rd Generation Malawi. This powerful sativa is not for beginners, as it offers long-lasting stimulating effects often with a potent psychedelic bent. With a terpene profile that is bright with notes of floral spice and tart lemon, its vigorous physical and mental effects make this a sativa of the highest caliber. This strain’s long sativa lineage comes with a long 11 to 14 week flowering time.

Where to Buy Golden Tiger

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Golden Tiger Effects and Attributes

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Golden Tiger Genetics and Grow Info

Golden Tiger Flavors

  • 1. Menta
  • 2. Limón
  • 3. Albaricoque

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“THIS IS MY NEW FAV STRAIN, it's very unlifting!! Shit have you Energized and giggly af. If you depressed this the shit for you.”

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“Definitely the best strain I have tried for depression so far. Not overwhelming and helps the anxiety roll away. Did not feel any paranoia at all but had some pretty extreme dry mouth. Will be hoping this is available regularly”