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  • “The first Marijuana strain I've ever experienced that made me horny. This could easily replace Viagra if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction issues. For 2 weeks on my vacation I did nothing but have sex with my wife and smoke/vaporize this. It's almost like having sex on E if you consume enough.”

  • “one word for this strain..... WEIRD..... infact, two..... INSANELY WEIRD!!!! This super sativa dominant strain is the most bizzare strain i have ever come across, straight up juicy strawberry smell with a hint of earthy, hazey smells come in after, you can almost taste it by just smelling it! tasta is straight up strawberrys with a strong hazey undertone to it, very sativa motivated high, very good for my anxiety, re...”

  • “I picked this up at West Coast Wellness a couple days ago and since then I have decided I should've picked up more than I did. No chemical, un-flushed taste at all. In the grinder, a hint of strawberry-ish fruit. (one)Hit went straight to my head and I commenced with my plans for the day, which did not include sitting on the couch in front of the TV or being too high and paranoid. With headache gone and a nice creati...”

  • “This is an amazing clear headed high. Tastes so smooth, like a strawberry milkshake with a freaking cherry on top. Excellent day time stone. Prepare your cheerful cheeks to laugh like a hyena. Music is defiantly more pronounced and transcendent. Beautiful bud all around.”

  • “very potent strain. the inhale taste citrusy and the exhale is sweet but loud. im smacked off this shit..”

  • hi2

    “Great for focus, energy and being very high. Just a fun strain. I would buy this again.”

  • “A nice sweet smell to the strain and the same goes for the taste. A nice social smoke that will get you chatty and uplifted”

  • “Wow what a smoke”