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  • “Nice, active Sativa high that you would expect from this Blue Dream/Sour Diesel strain. The budtender recommend it to me; and I would definitely recommend it to those who seek a smooth Sativa. Flavors were full and fruity. Creative head buzz that entices the mind, producing creativity.”

  • “AMAZING...upbeat, talkative, cheerful, giggly, productive... and if that wasn't's also a very, VERY arousing experience ; ) This is absolutely (so far) my number one!! Perfect for socializing, daytime, almost anything can be fun. One other thing I did experience is a bit of hyper focus on things but if you break that, I found I'd start doing more productive things. So overall this CRAZY GOOD! (Bonu...”

  • “My favorite Sativa. Feel happy and uplifted. Still have energy to do anything but just feel amazing and euphoric”

  • “Hands down the best strain for uplifting feeling. Never had anything affect me so fully. A+ would smoke again lol”

  • “definitely a goto sativa for creative projects. the combo of sour D and blue dream has a perfect balance of free flowing thoughts with a sense of urgency. Excellent wakenbake strain in addition to being a great uplifting party strain to keep guests engaged and talkative.”

  • “This is my go to strain! Alpha is an amazing buzz, at night it helps me sleep but it usually isn't too heavy for daytime. It is claimed to be a Sativa, sometimes a Sativa heavy hybrid (which is more accurate to the buzz as it does have a decent amount of Indica feel to the buzz). The CBD count is low however this strain helps with my back and nerve pain better then anything I have smoked. If you have a high tolerance...”

  • “Alpha Blue is slightly on the fluffy side, along with some beautiful brownish and redish hairs weaving thru the calyxses. When opening up the bag/jar, Alpha Blue has a faint diesel but yet fruity type smell to it. I am smoking a bowl of the AB right now while writing this review, it is simply to help those that find this information helpful to my fellow "Leafly-ers". I've taken 3 hits so far and I'm already feeling...”

  • “Sativas are my jam. Like many folks, I love to get high and clean my house. Alpha Blue is not a clean your house high. It is a euphoric, head high that makes you want to relax, chill and have a really great conversation. No body high. Just a nice way to combat anxiety and stress. A true sativa but without the raciness, gotta-get-stuff-done effect. I vaporized flowers from Oakland Organics. Great for a concert or a da...”