Aloha reseñas

Buena a muy buena
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No recomendada
  • “Great daytime/morning strain, I have Tourette's Syndrome and this suppresses my tics while keeping me active all day, I normally switch to an indica at night though as this does keep me awake”

  • “This is one of the most pungent strains that I've encountered. Loose-ish buds make it easy to grind without too much stickiness. It's a sativa for sure with upbeat & creative feelings, great for day time use. Mediocre on pain relief. More head high than body high.”

  • “Its pretty good as far as I know. I live in Greensboro, North Carolina, so it's better than most of these fucked up strains we get out here.”

  • “It's hard for me to find a Sativa that doesn't make me anxious or paranoid but I didn't have that problem with this strain. it could be better but for the price, it was very good. Gave me a slight headache after a little while but all in all, I will buy again.”

  • “What an interesting strain. Has the aroma of grass clipping & citrus. For me it wasn't a very noticeable high. Put me in a great mood though. I bet this strains great for depression or any mood disorders. I can't wait to come across Aloha in shatter/crumble. It's cool retrying strains I've only had as flower, but trying them in concentrate form. Great to smoke with small group of friends, play videos games, listen t...”

  • “Meh. Wife enjoyed it way more than I did, and had some energetic effects from it. Is somewhat uplifting, but also not very potent, and nothing like a Hawaiian strain.”

  • “Good for a budget. Never had it bad or bomb. It's good. I'd recommend it.”

  • “A good overall sativa. Definitely gets your thoughts going for sure. Also is great for muscle and nerve pain. Overall kinda like a jack herer feel, but as I said, your mind races, but no negative or bad felling or thoughts. if you need to get chores or housework done. this is a good strain for it.”