Alaskan Ice reseñas

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  • “One of those strains that are so potent you can go to sleep for 8 hours and still feel buzzed when you wake up. Absolutely great for daytime use. Very little anxiety and it gave me the giggles with a grin that just wouldn't go away. In higher doses it rushes behind your eyes and gives a feeling of bliss and euphoria with an almost numbing body high but still very functional. Also it seemed very good for social events...”

  • “Ever try a new strain for the first time and it blows your curious mind ? Does It make you feel like you're trying natures candy for the first time? And now,you can't find it anywhere and you were too stupid to buy more than a gram? This strain! The strain that knocked my socks off. Impeccable smoothness that's matched well with its flavorful trichome covered mound of forestry brisk 0 To 60 in 1.2 seconds = PURE BLI...”

  • “Very good strain went from being frustrated and irritated to being in a happy mood. definitely one of my new favs”

  • “A very euphoric, energetic high. It has a very quick on-set, so you don't need to smoke this strain too long to get a nice, happy buzz going. Extremely cranial high for me, and even made my eyes tingly and dry. Excellent for defeating bad times and stressful situations. Be wary of smoking too much at once, as it is incredibly potent.”

  • “Crazy smell, sticky to the touch, very dense with orange hairs and tricombs for days. Great smoke with the potency to match.”

  • “best sativa eva got that indica like melt but a great uplifting feeling new fav”

  • “Good for a focused high. Great to listen to music and be productive to.”

  • “Nice easy going sativa. Smooth and easy to smoke. Nice and relaxing buzz. Good smoke for mid-afternoon.”