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  • “New CBD Strain !!! 3D CBD by Leafs by Snoop Has enough CBD for your medicinal needs and is low enough in THC to not cause Anxiety (worst aspect of weed). This Strain is REAL MEDICINE and every household should have some ! Flowers are the next to the spongiest of all Leafs by Snoop Flowers (Northern Lights is the spongiest). This strain is NOT Pre 98 Bubba Kush repackaged It's not Pre 98 is very dense This str...”

  • “This is My New Favorite Strain and will be a PERMANENT member of my medicine cabinet ! BUDS are Light green with a layer of orange yarn looking pistils with an outer layer of dark green greenery sticking through and plenty of little diamonds all over. Felt more Sativa to the touch when compared with the other Leafs by Snoop Flowers at first but on closer inspection it is not spongey and is in fact a medium density ...”

  • “This weed is AMAZING. Helps my anxiety and panic attacks tremendously without causing any bad trips or paranoia. It also helps my depression a lot. I feel this cannabis strain has helped me become normal and happy all day!! Amazing!”

  • “Awesome strain! I always go for high CBD strains because I am pretty sensitive to a lot of high THC strains, they make me paranoid and cause panic attacks. This gave me the perfect amount of head high I was looking for and an all around good body high. I am a college student so things are very stressful, this strain eased a lot of that stress but still gave me the ability to keep writing my research paper since it di...”

  • “Amazing CBD strain, but I would not classify it as a sativa. Maybe just because of the CBD qualities, but I smoke it before bed and don't have trouble falling asleep. I think Snoop called it 3D because it makes you feel more 3-dimensional, like you can feel your whole body, but in a good way. I suffer from insomnia and muscle pain and it definitely helped with those. I also experience some symptoms of Asperger's, t...”

  • “I found this strain to be very relaxing and great for evening pain and muscle spasms. I would recommend this strain to anyone having ptsd or chronic pain, vet friendly.”

  • “Love this strain for meditation or wake n bake, or any activity where I need to be alert but want to take the edge off of pain or stress. Many people will say a high-CBD strain will not get you high. I beg to differ. As a daily smoker for nearly five years, I have a decent THC tolerance. This strain still gets me high, it's just not quite the same as a high-THC high. It feels more like taking a muscle relaxer. I hi...”

  • “I agree with all the other reviewers so far AND the INFO page. It's all true. I will add to my previous reviews that it is more powerful THC wise than I made it out to be. Back when I wrote the 2 "before and after reviews" I was consuming about one gram a day of mostly THC only flowers. These days I'm down to about a half a gram a day of flower, often with a portion of that being CBD strains. So my tolerance is a ...”