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Dr. Robb Farms

Eagle Hybrid Pre-Rolls - Blue Cookies 5 Pack

Dr. Flannery’s insistence for the highest quality products with ease of access for customers is why he created Eagle by Dr. Robb.

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Product Details

Most pre-rolls on the market are filled with leftover trim and leaves, resulting in a lower quality product. Additionally, the packaging for these pre-rolls causes them to dry out and quickly lose their aromas and flavors once it is opened. The California market deserves better. • California sun-grown, pesticide-free Cannabis whole flower. • Individually sealed pre-rolls in mylar sleeves: - preserves the freshness of the flower and prevents degradation - when sealed, the aroma of each pre-roll is not detected - allows for our customers to be discreet with their medicine Each pack: • 5 pre-rolls • Net weight of 3.5 grams of whole flower only.

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About This Strain

Blue Cookies
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Blue Cookies es un cruce híbrido con indica dominante entre dos razas célebres, Girl Scout Cookies y Blueberry. Como buen hijo de estos dos pesos pesados, Blue Cookies ofrece una explosión de euforia que va directa a la mente, para luego ir bajando poco a poco hasta relajar todo el cuerpo. Dulce sabor a bayas con notas a tierra y cerezas configuran un perfil de sabores tan apetitoso como la densa capa de resina escarchada de sus cogollos, que se extiende por un mar de tonalidades verdes y moradas. Los consumidores poco experimentados deberían probar Blue Cookies con moderación, con una potencia perfecta para aquellos veteranos difíciles de impresionar. Es posible que te cruces con otra variación de Blue Cookies, un fenotipo de Girl Scout Cookies al que le falta la genética Blueberry.

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Dr. Robb Farms

The mission of Dr. Robb Farms is to provide quality, pesticide-free medicine to the California market. At our core, we believe that this plant and our product can help enhance the quality of life and health of our customers. We believe in using science to produce consistent quality medicine, and that by applying sound scientific methods we can create clean medicine that is measured and safe for the public to benefit from. Above all we believe using science allows us to be transparent, and to trust that we have created the safest quality product for our customers. State License Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000599