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The Roll-Up #73: Stoner Saves a Tiger

Leafly's weekly news podcast takes on Congress, Sen. Kamala Harris, and a tiger hero in Texas.

YouTube’s ‘Pot Scientist’ Fired for Answering Burning Questions

Carter Baird lost his substitute teaching job when his boss found out about his YouTube alter ego.

KingPins’ Cannabowl Brings Cannabis and Bowling Together

Cannabis and bowling are the perfect match at KingPins' Cannabowl tournament in Portland, Oregon. Check out the fun and gear up for the next one.

Virginia Law Would Protect Students Who Use CBD and THC-A Oils

A new bill would prevent students from being suspended or expelled if they have "valid written certification" to use cannabinoid medicine.

How EstroHaze Went from Black Enterprise to Black Cannabis

There are plenty of resources to help minorities and multicultural people enter and flourish in the cannabis industry. EstroHaze is one of them.

Infused Decadence at the Coda Signature Chocolate Factory

Coda Signature's truffles are as beautiful as they are delicious. Discover what goes on in the chocolate factory and get your hands on these infused treats.

An Ocean-Friendly Approach to Cannabis Packaging

Sustainable packaging company Sana is teaming up with Oceanworks to recycle plastic from the ocean into packaging for cannabis. Read more on how you too can affect change and promote green thinking in the burgeoning industry.

In Congress, a Changed House Finally Looks at Cannabis Banking

The US House is finally taking up a key issue: banking and other financial services for the new industry.

Is the Cannabis Community Ignoring Its LGBTQ Customers?

As companies race to capture market share, the LGBTQ community has been largely left out of the equation. Brands may be missing out on a lucrative market.

Barneys New York Goes ‘High End’ With Beverly Hills Cannabis Shop

The pop-up shop inside Barney's New York’ Beverly Hills Store—dubbed— the High End includes Beboe vape pens, as well as grinders and rolling papers plated in gold.

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