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Purple Mr. Nice

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What is Purple Mr. Nice?

Granddaddy Purple cruzada con Mr. Nice. Esta raza ha heredado el color morado de GDP y el olor y sabor de Mr. Nice. Una indica muy potente que probablemente te dejará pegado al sofá pensando en esto y aquello.

Where to Buy Purple Mr. Nice

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Purple Mr. Nice Effects and Attributes

Espasmos musculares
Boca seca
Ojos secos
Dolor de cabeza

Purple Mr. Nice Genetics and Grow Info

Purple Mr. Nice Flavors

  • 1. Tierra
  • 2. Picante
  • 3. Lavanda

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“Purple Mr. Nice is a wonderful strain for medical users looking for pain relief. Dosages on a bong seems to be: One hit for decent relief witht he ability to still focus and maintain a steady flow of everyday life. Two hits and you will have no pain, but you are giving up the ability to venture off too far. Three hits and you are your morning toast, you are stoned and a smile is forced onto your face by this infamous...”

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“this strain is the bees knees for alleviating my body aches, anxiety and depression that comes from PTSD. the smell is mostly what you get from GDP, a lot of linalool, lol! It assaults your nostrils with a very pleasant purple floral scent that is almost like lavenders combined with some dank cannbis. The flavor on the inhale is again mostly GDP with a kind of skunky undertone. The exhale leans more to the skunky si...”


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