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Her real name is "Pharoah Kush TM.", and that's because she is the king of relief. If you are at all acquainted with suffering, or live with chronic conditions, then you better get to know this amazing plant, and I will be thrilled and overjoyed to introduce you. She makes me wonder how I ever got along with out her honestly. Tastes like a mentholated cherry cough drop, so you know what to expect when you ingest it, medical grade cannabis of the highest order and caliber. My gift to the world- Stinky Steve, Cereal Killer Genetics.
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Forma y método

  • Flor
  • Humo


  • Euforia
  • Felicidad
  • Hambre
  • Relajamiento
  • Hormigueo
  • Ánimo
  • Boca seca

Perfil de sabores

  • Fruta de árbol
  • Floral
  • Tierra
  • Picante
  • Tabaco
  • Mentol
  • Menta

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