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Phantom Arrow

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What is Phantom Arrow?

Phantom Arrow by Cereal Killer Genetics is another smelly treat from Shaman Stinky Steve. This indica-dominant cross of Purple Arrow and Phantom Kush is a powerful medicine for consumers suffering from anxiety, migraines, and chronic pain. Phantom Arrow’s stoney body effects settle behind the eyes and the forehead while seeping into the extremities as a subtle, calming warmth. The bouquet is a delicate arrangement of champagne, eucalyptus, cherry, and floral undertones that coat the palate on the exhale.

Where to Buy Phantom Arrow

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Phantom Arrow Effects and Attributes

Dolor de cabeza
Boca seca
Dolor de cabeza

Phantom Arrow Genetics and Grow Info

Phantom Arrow Flavors

  • 1. Fruta de árbol
  • 2. Mentol
  • 3. Menta

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“great pain reliever,unique taste.”

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“this is my favorite strain for pain relief it will help with any kind of pain but it duss best with back pain.......... it just duss amazing things in what is the only with a higher power ................. it is just amazing in so mine ways . ........ thanks to the man up upstairs for bringing this one around”