OG Los Angeles Kush

OG Los Angeles Kush

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The self-titled Original Los Angeles Kush by Los Angeles Kush is an award winning indica with a THC percentage pushing 27%.The strain’s dense lime green nugs are sticky with resin and emit a deep aroma of pine and fuel. OG LAK brings amplified indica effects that sedate and weigh on the body. This restful mental and physical state makes OG LAK an excellent night cap or good medicine for consumers suffering from insomnia and chronic pain. Utilize the Original Los Angeles Kush in the evening to get the best results from this potent indica strain.     

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“The OG Los Angeles Kush that comes in the blue box is straight fire. Never once been disappointed! I follow LAK just to see when the new drops are and I tell all my friends they need to try their strains. My next favorite would have to be that Strawberry Blondie.”

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“Best all-around indica, hands down. Promotes relaxation, calmness of body, mind and soul. Kills pain and anxiety immediately. Supports rest in the evenings. Best used in the evenings before bed. You will wake up rested and rekindled toward a productive day.”