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Mataro Blue

4,5| 28 reseñas

What is Mataro Blue?

Mataro Blue by Kannabia Seeds is a rare three-way cross of Black Domina x Mazar I Sharif x Blue Monster. This strain is a stable, high yield producer on top of having flavorful, award-winning genetics. Its strong medicinal effects sedate and relax the consumer, helping to combat insomnia, chronic pain, and restlessness. Mataro Blue won 1st place rosin at the 2016 Lift Expo, Toronto, as well as 1st place medical indica at the 2012 Treating Yourself Expo, Toronto.  

Where to Buy Mataro Blue

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Mataro Blue Effects and Attributes

Boca seca
Dolor de cabeza
Ojos secos

Mataro Blue Genetics and Grow Info

Mataro Blue Flavors

  • 1. Tierra
  • 2. Baya
  • 3. Cítricos

Reseñas destacadas

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“Fruity taste with a high that creeps on you and will leave you slumped and relaxed. Very dense nugs from the dispensary in Toronto.”

Más reciente

“Got this strain as a freebie on top of my order. Normally a sativa guy but this strain is very solid and gave a nice chill relaxed vibe. Plug in some headphones and just dance. Finished a joint and had the best time just dancing in my room. Ended up doing a bunch of cleaning as well and it was very enjoyable. After about 2 hours felt sleepy but was able to stay awake. Munchies go hard though. Was basically raiding my...”


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