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I currently have a brain tumor and this was recommended to help as it had a high cbd and wasn't too high of a thc for me being new to the game( and obviously unwell) I also currently have been suffering from a horrible speech impediment that sounded like a female Forest Gump/stroke patient and I had had that problem from the tumor. I took two small hits off this strain and for four hours my completely normal speech came back!!!!! My leg arm and face numbness and tingling disappeared. I felt happy ( even though they just told me I've got a frigging brain tumor this morning ) I got to talk to my daughter for her birthday in my normal voice and not scare her which made her so happy because she thought I was all better and at least healing! And it gave me hope!!!! I was not super high- I felt pleasant, functional, energetic, and ready to fight this fight for my family and I! Honestly- I could be a poster child for marijuana- if you hear my voice not on the weed and immediately following one or two hits!?!? Night and day!!!!! It was a miracle! That's what it can do for my nerve tissue in my brain then I don't doubt it's helping my tumor as well! God I didn't wait for the doctors to get their crap together they are still working on making phone calls.... I'm sure they will catch up to me at some point... Eye roll. Maybe by the time they actually get surgery scheduled I won't have much left 😜
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