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  • “Whoa! There's finally a Leafly page for this one. A favorite. The stuff grown by Cascade Gnome here in WA could be my all-around favorite flower ever in over 20 years. Just perfectly balanced, not trippy, overflowing with terpenes from every direction. Not a heady high but not just a heavy indica sink either. You can certainly get quite a effect going but it takes more of this than many other, and that's good in my o...”

  • “This is one of the best tasting straings I have ever smoked. It has a buttery, oaky finish that lingers for a long time. My mouth has this buttery taste after smoking that is amazing. Adding this with some tobacco and having a nice spliff makes this my new favorite way to smoke. The high CBD and low THC make it a perfect chill smoke, and doesn't leave you with couch lock, or scrambled brains. An absolutely perfect da...”

  • “I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses that cause widespread pain, extreme nausea and vomiting. This strain in oil form (have not tried the flower) has become a staple in my daily life. It makes getting out of bed easier and helps keep my nausea and vomiting to a minimum. I am tube fed and with the help of this strain I have been able to eat small amounts of certain foods which is absolutely amazing. Highly recomme...”

  • “This bud is full of terpenes. The citrus scent of it is very strong, reminded me specifically of grapefruit. It could be a good day choice because it leaves you still clear headed. Definitely gives a soothing and relaxed feeling without incapacitating. Bit of a creeper. Didn’t quite kill pain as much as I would have liked but great for stomach problems or cramps. Can make you a bit dizzy. Will choose this strain agai...”

  • “Excellent flavor. Nice high that is more body relaxing. It works well on pain and inflammation. This strain is a little weak if you're looking to feel super high. If you're using it for the CBD benefits, you will not be disappointed. Inflammation went down a little bit. Pain was dulled and made the pain a bit less terrible”

  • “It does the job quite well just a little stronger and would be fantastic”

  • “This is a pretty good one. Strong dry mouth, and such, but will really take you far”

  • “As someone who doesn't want to get floored all of the time, this is a rad strain. It's relaxing and slowly helps to diminish the stress throughout the day. My mood was noticeably better as well. The head buzz, although slight, was there. I recommend this to anyone who needs a little lift and has stuff to do.”