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  • “would give 11 rating lol. very good sticky weed. alotta peoples favorite. easy to get confused with afghooey, which is also very good. highly recommended.”

  • “I made the newb mistake of confusing this strain with Afghooey, which is a hybrid rather than a straight indica. I tried Afgooey first and wasn't paying close attention the second time I acquired it and was about to be disappointed at the inconsistency! I thought Afgooey had let me down for pain relief! But it turned out that what I chose wasn't Afgooey but the often-confused Afghooey! The hybrid isn't as good for ...”

  • “so smooth, nice clean clear high but relaxing and low key”

  • “I think this is one of my favorite "mid grade" indica strains. No it isn't purple or fruit flavored, in fact, it smells down right piney. 2 TINY meant to be one hitter bowls (tiny temp plastic bong) were more than happy to MELT pain i didn't realize i had until my back cracked in 10 places......but dont be fooled. Altho my buzz started off talkative enough about 30 mins in....couch lock. Don't get me wrong, it's ...”

  • “Just grabbed top shelf Afgooey at 24.98% THC. And you can feel every percent of that THC very relaxing and packs a punch. The bomb smell WILL hit u in your ass on the way out 5/5”

  • “I found this strain to be a nice surprise for my evening after a long days work. Sitting back, relaxing and able to function and was in a creative state to where I began to write a couple of poems for my journal. Highly recommend. Also was able to function during the day, when I reduced my dosage to be able to function at work. Pick up at Yavapai Herbal in Cottonwood, My favorite place.”

  • “Writing as I burn; using an Illadelph beaker. This is one of the finest flowers I have had the pleasure of smoking. I am an every day user and the high from this is strong, which I haven't felt from a flower in a long time, but very enjoyable for that very reason.”