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  • “This weed will make you the calmest, most patient motherfucker in the universe. If I can withstand being yelled at by my dad for an hour while stoned from this shit, then you better KNOW you'll be like the Buddha and Jesus combined. Afgoo tears your anxiety and depression down like the fucking Berlin wall.”

  • “Been dealing with depression, PTSD, and stress for years. Self medicated for years with alcohol, hard drugs and wrong strains of weed. Friend of mine has the some of the same conditions from being in Afganistan(we are both vets) and showed me this website. I finally found the right type and this is one of them (with the help of my friend too). I haven't felt like myself in years before the military. I'm calm and can ...”

  • “Good 'ol Afghani Goo. An early favorite of mine. Very active minded and happy. Used with a vaporizer, the buzz lasts quite long and can get your body active. A cerebral uplift generating from the eyes and front of head, followed by a kicker of a moderate body high. A good overall strain, and I feel can be compared with White Widow.”

  • “WOW! Take a look at these pics after you read this. This 2.5 gram nug of afgoo is mildly dense, mostly the core, but the outer portion is spongy with long brown hairs. Exceptionally pure organic eathy/pine like smell, with a flavor that continues through out the hit. Unlike most strains for me, the exhale still holds its flavor through all the bowl. This smoke is the kind of high you want In the afternoon or for bed....”

  • “This is my first time trying this bud, so I had no expectations but this strain is a solid indica. Afgoo's characteristics make it a great indica for those who want something heavy, but not something that will completely incapacitate you. The sweet piney smell from this bud is extremely enjoyable. The buds have a noticeable darker, earthier look and the smoke is pretty harsh on the lungs. The reason I enjoy Afgoo so...”

  • “Afghani meets Goo to bring us this sweet piney indica. This strain is what i consider a 'all day indica.' Meaning dont turn to this for couch lock. It will do the trick to fall asleep and you newer smokers may experience some couch lock effects after all. Solid smoke :D”

  • “This strain is for nighttime consumption. The nugs are rock hard which I really like, I prefer 2 have 1 big nug and take little pieces from it to break up and throw into my bowl or bone. This AFGOO has a very distinct smell to it also, it smells of sweet earth (if that's even a smell) lol. she looks even better up close. You can SEE the trichomes sparkle throughout the dense lime green flower. I would smoke this st...”

  • “Found it an excellent blend between a high and stone. Helped relieve chronic pain and left me in a happy mood. Ideal for late day relaxing into the evening...”