Ace Killer OG reseñas

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  • “Fire Fire Fire! #1 strain in he World! Hand Down. Fire Fire Fire. If you Are a Real Smoker you Must Try this before you crown all. The Best!! Ever”

  • “5/11/2016 It's 8:32 am, and I've just done the unthinkable...I inhaled 3 big hits of, "Ace Killer Og." No worries though....I've done it for scientific research, to get the full effects of this strain right out of the sack, and judging by the increasing sloppiness of my handwriting, (I'm writing this longhand on a yellow legal pad to be transcribed on computer), it's sending a profound message: "I am strong; I am mi...”

  • “Ace Killer is no joke... Be ready! it is not for everyone (but yet everyone must try it at least once or as much as you can handle or-enjoy;)) and you must do it asap. You will have to travel to LA, CA to get the Real OG but its known that this strain is been spreading out through out the world and soon to hit every local (respectful) dispensary world wide. Enjoy My GFriends”

  • “This is fire got some Ace Killer at KingKush Collective bomb!!!”

  • “So Fireeeeee. Today we Rolled it with Fresh Hash from the Middle East to add some spice to it and it made it Volcano Like Fire. Ace Killer is a must experience if you want to ever call your self a connoisseur of OG.”

  • “The Best!!! Fire each and every time!!!!”

  • “Tried out this strain at King kush. Has a very strong smell and will have you stuck. Loved this strain and I will try again very soon”

  • “That shit was STRONG. A little diesel taste to it. I was completely high after a couple hits. I felt very relaxed but surprisingly not sleepy at all. Pungent as hell. Munchies were a MESS. Couldn't recall the last time I ate like that after a buzz. Don't think it's so great for day-time but a perfect sunday chilling at home strain.”