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Chai Tea Recipe: I use my hash plant in tea form. And usually drink before going to bed. Evenings/night is when I have so much leg and body pain and problems sleeping. I put flowers buds in a coffee grinder and grind into powder. I heat water to boil and put about a T. or less in tea ball or paper teabag, to equal parts of half n half cream and boiling water, (as THC is not water soluble) I add 2 T. of spiced Mystic Chai tea powder. (Large can available at Sam's Club) I stir and cover my cup with foil to let the ingredients steep; about 15-20 min. or longer "the longer I let sit ; the stronger it becomes. I feel my ears warm up and a euphoria feeling about within 20-30 minutes This really helps my pain and allows me to sleep. I hope this helps others who can not smoke.
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