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  • “Picked up some 303 Kush from Livwell on Evans and I love this strain. def a strain I will be keeping close. I'm more of an indica smoker since I've suffered with Anxiety and Panic attacks for years now and this strain didn't trigger any not even anxiousness which is a major plus! Good night time/relax smoke. tried a wake and bake with it and had my ass on sleep mode all day so not a day time strain unless you aren't ...”

  • “At first, I thought that I wouldn't enjoy 303 Kush all that much based off of what I heard, but wow, I'm thoroughly impressed. Let's start with the smell and appearance. The smell is very pungent, and earthy, and the nugs are very frosty and dense. I used a Pax 2 as my method of consumption, and it did not take a lot for this incredibly relaxing high to kick in. The taste is amazing and sweet. It tasted like pineappl...”

  • “Seeing 303 is on the menu for $35 1/8th, I immediately ask to see the Colorado classic for the first time. Inhaling out of the jar, my nose is greeted with woody aromas, with the terpenes displaying some earthy/musky undertones on the end of the scent. It's like Ron Swanson in the forest, felling a great evergreen tree. In your nose. The appearance is typical hybrid. Though to note specifics, it's leaves are a mediu...”

  • “Tastes great, hits smooth and you fall into euphoria quickly yet calmly. using it for Epilepsy”

  • “ya boy high as hell them fire backwoods”

  • “2oz. to 1lb. of butter Ratio. Working good for background pain, relaxation and nausea with minimal anxiety and hunger cravings. Organic flavor profile competes somewhat with peanut butter and chocolate and pairs well with pistachio and apple.”

  • “303 is a nice smoke. really enjoyable. chemdawg effect to start you off, then slowly tapper in the pre 98 and there you go. would recommend to anyone looking to expand their pallet.”

  • “Picked up some of this 303 Kush from Livwell Lakewood. Took two good hits when I got home and had to get a ride back to the shop so i could buy the rest. Great smoke, tasty, in my Top 10.”