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Scroopy Noopers

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What is Scroopy Noopers?

Scroopy Noopers by Green Dream is a modern homage to fictional environmental activist and son of King Flippy Nips in the terrestrial TV sensation "Rick and Morty." This strain was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Stardawg, and it emits a pleasant and rich smell of coffee and cacao. Its earthy terpene profile offers sweet aromas alongside a sharp, acrid undertone that gives the strain uniqueness and dimension. Scroopy Noopers’ deeply relaxing effects make it well-suited for consumers seeking to combat muscle spasms, pain, and general restlessness. 

Where to Buy Scroopy Noopers

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Scroopy Noopers Effects and Attributes

Espasmos musculares
Boca seca

Scroopy Noopers Genetics and Grow Info

Scroopy Noopers Flavors

  • 1. Picante
  • 2. Café

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“good high. great for chilling on your day off and watching some TV”

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“Wow, cool looking buds. Looks galatic to me. Anyway, this took me on a ride from energetic to plop on the couch in a couple of hours. Good for pain, anxiety, insomnia, and creativity.”