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Reseña de

The smell is such a pungent unmistakable funky aroma. It’s one of those strains you smell and always can identify. It’s taste is a woody, piney, almost spicey earth flavor. Imagine a salty rock covered in clean Irish moss, with running cool water. It’s high is not subtle it’s euphoric, dazing, and relaxing and quite potent in each of these things.
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Forma y método

  • Flor
  • Humo


  • Euforia
  • Hambre
  • Relajamiento
  • Hormigueo
  • Mareos
  • Ojos secos
  • Boca seca

Perfil de sabores

  • Tierra
  • Pino
  • Picante
  • Picante/Hierbas
  • Madera


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