Nuclear Cookies

Nuclear Cookies

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What is Nuclear Cookies?

Nuclear Cookies is a new creation from Arizona Natural Selections. This 50/50 hybrid is the genetic offspring  of Chernobyl and Girl Scout Cookies, and offers a sweet, citrusy fragrance and a rich, earthy taste. Its aroma lingers after consumption, blanketing the consumer in its pungent terpene profile. This strain’s uplifting and relaxing full-body effects are coupled with pleasant euphoria, making this strain enjoyable and workable throughout the day. Consumers looking to ease stress, pain, and nausea may find the relief they seek in this odoriferous cannabis cut. 

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Nuclear Cookies Effects and Attributes

Dolor de cabeza
Espasmos musculares
Boca seca

Nuclear Cookies Genetics and Grow Info

Ascendientes de Nuclear Cookies

Nuclear Cookies Flavors

  • 1. Pimienta
  • 2. Picante
  • 3. Pine

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“had this can bet it'll be popular one day. when i got it it was very dense with a piney taste and when I rolled my backwood I was gone for about 2 hours. made me talkative and got rid of my ptsd and anxiety. only bad effects were dry eyes and dizziness. Find a bed to lay in when smoking this after a gram you'll be wanting to sleep for the rest of the day, really recommend this if you're in WA go get some!!”

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“The name is very intimidating. I bought a small amount to give it a try & was really blown away at effect & over all experience. The peppery effects has potential of making one cough hard. This strain was fast acting & stayed with me all night & kept my head clear. No ill effects, I expected a heavy head but instead I got what could be interpreted as an anchor effect but not exactly. This strain could be used day or...”