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Lemonhead OG

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What is Lemonhead OG?

Lemonhead OG by Royal Choice Farms is a gleeful Kush cut with bright, refreshing terpenes. Sweet on the nose and the palate, this strain offers consumers a clean, zestful lemon flavor coupled with a lung-expanding mint/eucalyptus. As with many OG strains, euphoria takes the lead, elevating the consumer’s mood and provoking both smiles and laughter. The effects remain peppy as they transition into the body, leaving a warm and fuzzy sensation without being overly stimulating.   

Where to Buy Lemonhead OG

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Lemonhead OG Effects and Attributes

Dolor de cabeza
Boca seca
Ojos secos
Dolor de cabeza

Lemonhead OG Genetics and Grow Info

Lemonhead OG Flavors

  • 1. Limón
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Picante

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“Holy guacamole this is some great bud. Some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. High thc% ...did I mention freaking gorgeous?! Smells veryyyy lemony. Ok on to the smoke...smooth and tasty, 2 puffs and my stresses melt away. Highly recommend. I got mine at Herbal Wellness Center.”

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“Looking for weed for migraines. Have tried a few and I am now registered in the state of Maryland for medical weed. Tried the Lemonhead OG cartridge. Thought I had taken a small dose with the vape but it was an immediate and very disturbing high. Migraine disappeared but I was dizzy, seeing things, off kilter, anxious for hours. 12 hours later and after sleeping I am still high. I know this can have an extremely high...”


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