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What is Gummo?

Gummo by Gabriel Cannabis is a unique, fruity cross of flavorful genetics. It was created by crossing Bubble Gum and Orange Bud, and emits a bouquet full of tart citrus and sweet fruit. This strain tastes like it smells with effects that are surprisingly laid back, even with the strain’s bright terpene profile. Anticipate calming physical effects that are juxtaposed against a happy and euphoric mental state. Enjoy Gummo throughout the day to elevate mood and tame pain.

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Gummo Effects and Attributes

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Gummo Genetics and Grow Info

Gummo Flavors

  • 1. Tierra
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Uva

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“Gummo is a very unique bud, especially the flavors! I opened the jar and the first thing I noticed was the smell of rubber. And the taste of gum that has lost its flavor.🤷That being said a very BEAUTIFUL bud as usual.. way to go Gabe and Co. This girl has my attention for sure!! Please right about this plant peeps I would love to compare notes. I'm buying another 2g and Sunny-D is delicious.👍✌”

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“Surprised it hit so quick. 5 minutes after all my joints released and my neck cracked so loud I thought it broke lol. Sinuses did feel like they tightened up but worked out good because it cleared out my stuffy head. Definitely a go-to after a long hard day and needing to unwind.”

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