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It’s famous for a reason, GSC is an incredible strain! Need to clean the house? Want to go swimming? Or maybe just wanna relax on the couch playing smash bros faded out of your mind this strain does it ALL. The taste is pretty next level too and I never got tired of it. Nice flowery pine notes, paired with an almost earthy baked good taste it’s delicious to say the least. The effects come on fast and strong too with almost overwhelming but extremely pleasant head high before sending you coasting through the day! Creative, uplifting and giggly head high combined with top notch relaxation make this strain a powerhouse. Great for getting things done and for enjoying a day off GSC is a classic that has a special place in my heart. 🍪❤️
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Forma y método

  • Flor
  • Humo


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Perfil de sabores

  • Tierra
  • Floral
  • Pino


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