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If I was stuck on an island and I can only have 1 OZ of cannabis, Blue Dream will be the chosen one. The flower smelled just like berries with Blueberry being the frontrunner. Smoked out of a Blueberry Swisher. For someone that is very relaxed, this really lifted me up, made me feel very happy, and got me out of my relaxed self. It's a great strain for a social setting and keeps you thinking straight with a perfect balance of energeticness and a very relaxed body feel. Overall, my absolute favorite strain by far.
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Forma y método

  • Flor
  • Humo


  • Creatividad
  • Energía
  • Euforia
  • Concentración
  • Felicidad
  • Relajamiento
  • Locuacidad
  • Ánimo
  • Boca seca

Perfil de sabores

  • Dulce
  • Baya
  • Arándano

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