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  • “One of the best kush strains! A.K. Hits the head and body in such a beautiful way. If you want to be on cloud 9 go with Apple Kush!”

  • “Tried this strain in Amsterdam last year at a coffeeshop near dam square. Holy shit hit one joint very dreamy high with relaxed body effects floated around Amsterdam for hours with red eye and a huge grin.”

  • “5 stars. 5 senses. 5 reasons. 1. Sight: it's Beautiful. light green, covered in crystals, goldish-tan hairs. a real treat to behold. 2. Smell: the BEST. this baby smells like sweet, green apples🍎 with a hint of diesel and earthiness. one of my favorite smelling strains. 3. Taste: very very good. 👍 sweet, pleasant, and a little flowery/earthy. some hits actually tasted like apple to me. the sour diesel parentage let...”

  • “probrally one of the best ones ive ever had!!, super nice and sweet taste and a very long lasting high, it lets you fly, right into the sky 👌”

  • “one of the very best strains i have tried to date. very slight sour kush smell with hints of fresh apple pie thats translates into the taste. very stimulating effects off the bat. blast you straight off type of high. in addition to the heady upliftedness, there was also a major body element involved, putting me in a state of extreme hapiness and relaxation. very reccomendable strain, instant classic, immediately hitt...”

  • “great strain smells good too 100#$47Kc#high”

  • “I honestly didn't even feel high until I realized my whole body felt amazing. I would definitely recommend apple kush to anyone looking for pain relief.”

  • “Mellow, cerebral high”