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  • “Had a really well cured tasty batch of this. Smooth tasty tokes and smokes really well. love the high especially on the wake and bake. Happy, creative and euphoric. lovely s**t.”

  • “Great daytime strain. I recently got back into smoking after a two month tolerance break and have been smoking indica or hybrids to build up my tolerance (when you’re high and spell it tokerance). Finally I was in the right spot to try Apple Jack. Spent ten minutes smoking a bowl through a spoon pipe. I was trying to pace myself bc sativa, but I wasn’t being a baby about it bc the buds looked pretty mid. But wow it h...”

  • “Taste & Smells like a fresh box of applejacks! Takes you back to being a kid. Smoke some flowers & see if you don't want a glass of milk! Haha Not just cinnamon & apples. Straight Applejack's!”

  • “This was my first buy. I picked it up for a preworkout. I have to say I enjoyed it. The workout was great I was really able to get a good muscle and mind focus. A good amount of energy but I did feel that anxious and paranoid feeling but nothing too crazy.”

  • “instantly fell in love with this strain. I'm a big jack herer fan, and Apple Jack gives me that clear headed happy high and adds a great body and positive vibe high. my go-to for a good wake n bake. amazing aroma and flavor to match. it even helps with my morning nausea that I occasionally suffer from. nothing but good things to say about this little guy. a must try if it's good quality”

  • “Giving this strain a “three” though at times I would say it’s more like a four or five. I’m fairly new to this, minus the crap load of weed I smoked from 1988-2000 which eventually made me anxious and hating it. I’m on the search for a strain that will help me with anxiety and depression but also energy levels, as a 44 yr old premenopausal women who feels like she’s still 22. Apple jack has been the best one so far...”

  • “Looks: Chunky lime green buds with small orange hairs, covered in a light layer of trichomes with small glandular heads. Smell: Very tropical/ apple fruity/ limey like Jack Herer. Taste: Very much like the smell. Like fresh green apples and lime, with a little pine on the finish. Effects: Very mellow, and cerebral without couchlock effects. Great day time strain.”

  • “When nothing else seemed to do the trick, this strain got rid of the mild cognitive impairment and severe anxiety I faced during the week. It felt like being trapped in hell. Thanks to Apple Jack, for freeing me from the cage. This will absolutely be my new medication of choice. It made me really feel a sativa for the first time ever. Amazing worlds generate themselves. Portals tear open into time. You just become...”