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  • “Had a really well cured tasty batch of this. Smooth tasty tokes and smokes really well. love the high especially on the wake and bake. Happy, creative and euphoric. lovely s**t.”

  • “one of the best strains for nausea... thin mint cookies is the only strain that works this well for nausea... this strain is awesome”

  • “This was my first buy. I picked it up for a preworkout. I have to say I enjoyed it. The workout was great I was really able to get a good muscle and mind focus. A good amount of energy but I did feel that anxious and paranoid feeling but nothing too crazy.”

  • “Looks: Chunky lime green buds with small orange hairs, covered in a light layer of trichomes with small glandular heads. Smell: Very tropical/ apple fruity/ limey like Jack Herer. Taste: Very much like the smell. Like fresh green apples and lime, with a little pine on the finish. Effects: Very mellow, and cerebral without couchlock effects. Great day time strain.”

  • “love this strain, might be my top sativa so far. im a big fan of Jack Herer, and I feel Apple Jack hits your body just a little more, while giving me an enormous boost of positive vibes. my go to for a good wake n bake, clear headed, and even helps with my nausea (which I sometimes suffer from). great aroma and flavor to match, a must try, if you get a good batch.”

  • “Giving this strain a “three” though at times I would say it’s more like a four or five. I’m fairly new to this, minus the crap load of weed I smoked from 1988-2000 which eventually made me anxious and hating it. I’m on the search for a strain that will help me with anxiety and depression but also energy levels, as a 44 yr old premenopausal women who feels like she’s still 22. Apple jack has been the best one so far...”

  • “This is a really yummy strain. I am enjoying it very much. Thank you HPRC.”

  • “instantly fell in love with this strain. I'm a big jack herer fan, and Apple Jack gives me that clear headed happy high and adds a great body and positive vibe high. my go-to for a good wake n bake. amazing aroma and flavor to match. it even helps with my morning nausea that I occasionally suffer from. nothing but good things to say about this little guy. a must try if it's good quality”