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  • “I talked to my guy yesterday to put in an order and he told me he had apple jack. I looked it up and it had some pretty lack luster reviews so I was not very excited but picked it up anyway. He told me that there are very few people who actually have clones of this strain so I started to be more excited. When I opened it up, it reeked of delicious sour apples. The hit was very very smoky and the nugs were insanely f...”

  • “Really potent, euphoric high. It was more intense than other strains I've tried, but not too much. I love this strain, I can see it quickly becoming a favorite.”

  • “picked up some by dream city (grower, Seattle area, was on mid), tested at 22% thc with minimal cbd it smells fruity and sweet, with a subtle undertone of fresh rainforest to balance it out. buds are pretty dense, this is a grind job for sure. slightly sticky and trichomes are a pale butterscotch, not quite amber gold. smokes pretty easy, crisp like an apple haha. unfortunately the smoke is not what I'd expect fro...”

  • “I've bought Apple Jack on two separate occasions. The 1st batch was close 20pct. Thc. and the second was their highest testing flower to date at 30.6pct Thc. I didn't find much relief out of the first batch but was impressed with taste and smell. I do have a higher tolerance so was willing to give another try when released at 30pct. The buds had amazing butterscotch tones to it and to me it had a nice mild smell o...”

  • “I really do recommend Apple Jack if you have nausea. It works perfectly and the high is very soothing as well. It was nice to be able to think about something other than when will I get sick again. I felt like doing some chores and later it was also perfect for watching some of my favorite shows...quite the transformation from the puking mess that I was to the functional person I soon became. Bravo!”

  • “I've had both mid tier, and private reserve Apple Jack and both of them created the same effect but at varying intensities. Its a nice light high that's easy to concentrate on. Not great if you're looking to get mega-stoned, but amazing if you need to stay focused and just feel really great.”

  • “Killeen Texas (corner plug) Delicious aroma type a spell you'd want to shove up your nose to smell it forever. Grinds with ease fluffy feel. Relaxing smoke (rolled in a joint purely crisp) Make my eyes feel tingly and my body feel light Mood:happy Status :chilling ❄️”

  • “Great daytime strain. I recently got back into smoking after a two month tolerance break and have been smoking indica or hybrids to build up my tolerance (when you’re high and spell it tokerance). Finally I was in the right spot to try Apple Jack. Spent ten minutes smoking a bowl through a spoon pipe. I was trying to pace myself bc sativa, but I wasn’t being a baby about it bc the buds looked pretty mid. But wow it h...”