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  • “This weed was just unbelievably amazing with its very light and fluffy buds that have a similar feel to sage leaves, but when broken up is just super shiny on the inside with crystals. When inhaled, it gives you a super delicious sweet candy flavor with an incredible sage and citrus aftertaste. The high it gives you is super creative, euphoric, and mellow. 5/5 you can't ask for better weed than this.”

  • “I consider myself a connoisseur and I'm on the hunt for the #1 strains of each. Indica , indica dominant hybrid, sativa dominant hybrid, sativa. This is the #1 indica dominant hybrid. This might even be #1 of all I never buy more than an 8th at a time in case I don't like the new strain I'm trying. I just bought an oz of this ish and I'm thinking I should have gotten 2”

  • “Alien Rock Candy is a phenomenal strain and an all around wonder. The buds are really pretty to look at, every time I have had this strain the buds are tightly compact with a bit of a dark green color with a sticky layer of white sugary trichomes. The flavor isn't like I remember rock candy as a kid but it definitely has a sweet taste to it through a vape. Very clean finish to the taste as well. The effects are prett...”

  • “This review is on Alien Rock Candy, by LivWell dispensary, Denver CO. The testing done on these buds had the active THC at 32%. Whether that was right or not I'll say this stuff hits hard. The kind of bud that makes you put your joint out half way through. With extremely strong notes of citrus on the exhale this strain will shortly have you couched locked possibly pondering the reason for your existence. Definit...”

  • “really liked the citris flavor, a real smooth taste and exhale. Mine was from Revolution cultivation center in Illinois. Good work!! tests at 25.5% WOW”

  • “Hello there . I was given some off this strain a while back it totally rocked my world (Fire Bros.) Very strong fruity gas hard nugged buds good for spiinal cord injury ,nuerophathic pain , musculaskeletal pain , insomnia anxiety ,stress and many other ailments im sure. um bout to get some more from hah cafe.GMW”

  • “The potency is incredible. The quality of this high left me incredibly happy. Never had me dizzy or gave a headache. Stayed in space for nearly 4 hours. highly recommended for high potency and quality seekers!!”

  • “An awesome hybrid! This bud proves the point that THC percentage doesn't quite translate to potency. Most cannabis I consume I tend to find strains between 20-30% THC or THCa, but this strain had a potency analysis of 17.6% THC, and well, this is definitely a strong bud. Clean sweet aroma, sweet earthy exhale, effects last 2-3 hours including a heavy sedating body high and a euphoric head high. A definite top 5 strai...”