Alchemy reseñas

Buena a muy buena
Por debajo de la media
No recomendada
  • “A+, as a person that medicates up to at least a quarter a day, this strain this wonders. I have a problem with not feeling any symptoms of cannabis until at least the second gram; however this strain had me relaxed and feeling great at my first blunt. i would recommend this strain to anyone that has a high tolerance and has joint problems. this strain has by far been one of the best strains I've tried”

  • “Definitely a couch locker,not recommended if you work from home or doing anything when your stationary.”

  • “Nice flavor. No couch lock, but keeps one alert loving the sensation . Bedtime is normal and sleep well. I find that nerve pain is nearly gone after.”

  • “Creo que es bien buena te hara toser un poco pero no demasiado amenos que hagas quemadas largas, recomiendo ir suavemente con esta ya que porlomenos si pegaba quemadas largas altiro te vuelas pero si quieres subir lento y comenzar de apoco a subir haz quemadas cortas y suaves. Recomiendo que se queme lentamente el sabor es medio como un sabor pegajozo y muchas veces me quedan con recina los dedos de lo concentrada qu...”