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  • “This weed was straight up dope! I feel like I really enjoy those earthy, lemon flavor notes. Good body high like most indicas and got me giggling through a bunch of Malcolm in The Middle episodes! Don't Google Albert Walker though you won't be be impressed with his resume. But you will be impressed with his weed strain!”

  • “I'm amazed! Tried this for the first time yesterday after reading some great reviews. I was gonna take an anxiety med but decided to try this first. I DIDN'T NEED MY BENZODIAZAPINE!!! Plus I am nice and relaxed and happy after just 2 puffs! Lovely strain. I don't want any other at the moment!”

  • “I don't normally go out of my way to rate strains, but definitely wanted to give this one a good rating, and let people know how great it is for anxiety. You can immediately tell that it's an indication dominant because of its heavy body high. I was in a bad mood, smoked this weed, and I was singing to some songs I barely knew the lyrics to. I love weeds that just immediately make you forget your problems, and loosen...”

  • “The hybrid of hybrids. When the lid is open the smell quickly fills the room. Piney with that skunk smell we all love. Very relaxing to say the least. Great before bed. Albert is Amazing”

  • “Review for "The Wook #1" [Albert Walker x (Forum Cookies x OG Kush)]. Great indica strain. Super stony effects, strong physical melt and euphoric mood lift. Smells and tastes amazing. Pungent and skunky with a sweetness inherited from the Cookies parent. A more indica dominant, stony version of Dogwalker OG (this flower grown by One-Eye in Oregon - from what I understand the original breeder of Dogwalker OG). This is...”

  • “One of the best I've ever smoked... This stuff is crazy strong. Usually I need to smoke 7-8 hits to really feel anything more than a light buzz, but with this stuff I take 2-3 hits and I'm high for a couple of hours. This strain gives me a crazy strong head high. About 30 seconds after I hit this it goes straight to my head and the effect is almost instant. The other good thing about it is that since it's so strong I...”

  • “number 2 on my list”

  • “Albert walker is an amazing strain and very hard to find the TRUE smoke. I have been looking a long time for this strain because it increases your appetite, helps depression, while keeping a clear head. Indica Dominant Hybrid, with a very mellow but noticeable Citrus scent with a Diesel linger. INTENSE medication that I am always willing to pick up whenever I see it!”