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  • “Feel=Pretty good overall feel for this bud. It made my worries go away and almost felt like i just went somewhere else which is what i wanted Amount= I only smoked a bowl of this, but it feels like enough right now, even for someone like me who has been smoking for a bit now. Tastes= sweet and almost spicy I could feel it mostly in my cheeks...mostly..(inside joke)... Get in ZE CHOPA and give this bud a try YOU W...”

  • “This is my number one favorite strain. Af-Wreck, I love you. Starts off with a hard hit to the head, then travels slowly to the rest of the body.”

  • “While this is very strong and minty in flavor, it definitely has it's downsides. Even though this is indicated for pain (and it does achieve it), it also gave me a very large headache. It may be a bad harvest from my area, but where this weed is good in taste and flavor, lacks in it's medical properties for my needs”

  • “A slower come on that eases in. That mind-blowing disassociation from Trainwreck wipes out your normal headspace. Artistic empathy ratchets up and emotional connectivity to things becomes quite strong. There’s a cozy, wistful, euphoric contentment that’s most strongly felt. It keeps in check a slight edginess in the chest. That sensitivity, while not the most emotionally stable, is important for getting moved deeply ...”

  • “ABSOLUTE EXTRACTS made this in a De Waxed crumble. it was like 83 % thc ... really good uplifting feel ... has afghani and trainwreck ???? like cake and ice cream . like foot to a shoe .”

  • “Put me off my ass. Extremely Potent, Mind-Numbing, Body-Relaxing and tastes like maple syrup. Nice firm, dense, and large buds. Make an audible thud when dropped. Not recommended before work, driving.”

  • “The Best Sativa Hybrid This strain is truly great! You get a very unique euphoric high. You get the full body and head high without couch lock. Smells musky and very intriguing. 80% Sativa - Da Bomb !”

  • “One of my favorites strains in my area (Rural MI). Often golden in color and smells sweet and has a hint of spice. It's definitely a strong head high that is felt fairly quickly. Best part is for those who smoke a whole lot, you'll be able to conserve (if you have the will power) due to the strong effects from such a little amount. Stay Golden!”