Afghan Haze reseñas

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  • “I feel like my mind is being massaged. But I've got a little bit of an energy boost too - good strain.”

  • “This strain is crazy dank. It hits hard and fast the high lasts long. Great strain”

  • “Great medical strain for daily use. Would recommend for depression, anxiety and BPD. Absolutely no paranoia with this strain for me, just a rush of free flowing creativity.”

  • “One of my Absolutely Favorites !!! Produced by : CannaVative I always try to keep some on hand , this stuff is a great anxiety reducer ! Several dabs of this , and I'm ready for anything ! Usually before flying ✈️ , I take an anxiety pill .... the last time I flew I did Afghan Haze dabs throughout the day , and it was an excellent flight ! The taste is ahhhhmazing!!! 😛💚 you feel your face going numb pretty ...”

  • “Out of all the Afgan strains, this one is the best. I love all Afgan strains but this one is a long high, smooth, not very tasteful, and a very dank smell. I stayed high for about 3 1/2 hours and when you peak you get the munchies, extreme munchies!”

  • “This strain is fire. Lasted super long. It made me wanna spit bars, even though I didn't. I wanted too though.”

  • “Very different nose on this raw flower, also very unique in flavor. The high, though, is absolutely incredible! Very happy and euphoric.”

  • “one of the dankest strains ive smoked the nugs are amazing”