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  • “This hybrid had good qualities on both sides of the spectrum. It had an intense head high with a slight relaxing feel to it. This included a great feeling of happiness, but a negative would be how anxious it made me. When trying it with friends we all got the same pressure around our ears and sides of the neck, similar to headband in that aspect, and seemed to lose our sense of time. What impressed me most about this...”

  • “nothing indica about this one, gave me that intense laughing high that I have not have in a while. Time stops for the person that medicate with this, very interesting strain, I recommend people medicate in a group and will have that circle laugh that we all love :)”

  • “it's smooth when it enters your palet with hevy earthy tones. it's got a pungent small when ground. had a bit of a delayed effect about half way threw the blunt a rush of sateva followed shortly after with the navy India high. great for mid day/night time use over all the afgoo effects are slightly over powering to the green cracks sateva effects but overall a great new blent that I encurage all to try.”

  • “wonderful taste, however it puts me in a trance where I sometimes find myself thinking negative thoughts and it spikes my anxiety. other than that it keeps me concentrated yet relaxes my body and helps with my pain”

  • “this stuff is pretty good. I notice it breaks down very uniquely. you can almost grind it down by crushing it. but it's a very unique looking bud. chill for listening to music or being social”

  • “i got some shatter from creme de canna called AFQUEEN.... meet up with them at a vendor show , i was told the queen its actually CRACK...i was like ooooooooooo damn. false advertising but he made sense he said its because its called crack so he decided to replace it with queen..... really mellow not heavy for me but just right Long lasting”

  • “I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and I never get paranoid...but this green devil right here had me convinced that someone was going to break down my door at any minute I had to turn down my tv so I could hear footstep. But other than that it really was enjoyable”

  • “This is hilarious months after detailing this strains to you and origins you finally put up with bad info”