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  • “I was a stoner as a teen. Smoking from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. When I was 16 my whole family died and I took to weed as my safe haven. Until I developed severe dissociative-anxiety as well as a gnarly case of panic disorder. I stopped smoking because it made it worse- I remember the last time I smoked I took one hit and it triggered a panic attack and I spent the rest of the day thinking my...”

  • “Some reviewers report that medicine with high CBD and low THC don't get you "high" but that isn't the whole story. This makes it sound like the medicine doesn't alter the user's internal and/or external experience, which isn't true. Many people report that these high CBD/low THC medicinals bring on immediate relaxation, a sense of well-being and a very gentle tingling sensation. This has certainly been my experience....”

  • “Let me start by saying that I do not normally purchase CBD high strains. I've done 70 something reviews on high THC strains, but this will be my first ever high CBD strain review! AC/DC is 100% awesome natural effective MEDICINE. I hurt my arm over a week ago, and the top of my forearm has been swollen and very sore. After that injury, I managed to injure the same arm even more. I believe I have tendinitis or someth...”

  • “Let me add first a disclaimer that I am not a recreational patient. In my experience, this strain does not get you high - it has little to no true recreational value in and of itself but BUT for someone like me, it makes recreation possible. Which is a complete, unadulterated motherfucking godsend. For someone with crippling anxiety issues that can sometimes drive me to nausea and vomiting, I really can't overstate ...”

  • “When the man at the cannabis store said there was a strain that would not get you high, I did not believe him. If there was anything in this life that I was certain of, it was that weed gets you high. Yet here we are 5 hits in and, although I feel different, I'm not very high. ACDC has a 1% THC 18% CBD profile, giving it one of the highest CBD/THC ratios known to man. Don't let its sativa dominance throw you off,...”

  • “I used to smoke regularly in my teenage years but stopped before college and didn't smoke for four years. When I tried weed again I found it overwhelming, very panic inducing, and overall unpleasant. I have not been able to enjoy weed ever until I found this strain. It is extremely mellow compared to the head rush or heavy body feelings one might associate with a classic Sativa or Indica. I realized that the excessiv...”

  • “I love this strain. It's been something of a life saver for me. I have pretty terrible anxiety and this has been like a xanax alternative for me. I also love the pain relief it gives me. This is definitely a good starter strain for anybody who's new to cannabis and is wanting to start slow. I was very anxious about smoking cannabis again (after a 6 year hiatus) and after reading the reviews about ACDC and trying...”

  • “Just like what some of the other reviews on here have read, I have severe anxiety. Anxiety were I have trouble leaving my house to go to the grocery store. I tried other strains that had barely any CBD and lots of THC and my anxiety was awful!! Even after reading the reviews about how this strain doesn't get you high and helps with anxiety I was still nervous. But I finally tried it. It had 1% THC and 8% CBD. After 1...”