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  • “24K, simply put, is ... THE 💣💣!! Genetics are 2 of my favorites, and one of longest lasting medications, IMO. Good enough to earn 5 stars from me, so it must be top shelf! Having an awesome caregiver helps! My meds are always top shelf, high THC (20%+), which is important as I suffer from severe PTSD, Gastrointestinal pain, Bi- Polar, etc.. I'm from the Southwest, I am a licensed medical marijuana patient, this su...”

  • “MaAAAAaAaaaAn this flower will take you to the MooOoON🌚 I picked up this strain from the plug, my clients and I have not been disappointed!! Super frosty with beautiful orangey-copper pistils compliment this this quality strain. This one is definitely a hitter but also has a "level 2 high" that sets in after the initial high we get after the first hit. It sets in behind the eyes and turns ya world 24k💰💰💰 Be caref...”

  • “This is my new favorite..other reviewers spot on (thank you) it does hit you rather quick...by the time I was ready to go have some fun feeling happy, relaxed, giggly I was calling for my dog not realizing he was sitting right next to me the whole time. That made me lose it...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time & things just kept getting funnier from there (Just mentioning I had some green crack few hours befo...”

  • “Bought as "24 Karat Kosher" More than just long lasting pain relief. That point where my skin was just submerging in the bath came alive as I sensed the hot water slowly surrounding every individual limb and appendage. Not unlike... well, you know. ;-) I felt every word as I said " O-ho-hoh Yeah!" Closing my eyes, my mind meandered all over the place as colorful light danced to the music. Do I like this cannabi...”

  • “well the best way to review this strain is with a story so one night my friend picked up an 8th of this gorgeous strain known as 24k i heard about the strain through the web and it had lots of hype around so when i finally had the bud in my hand i was just amazed at the sight i had not seen good looking bud like that in awhile but what impressed me more was the aroma it had me sold but would the effect top my other h...”

  • “This strain smells amazing, like it's tangie relatives, with a pungent citrus aroma, and tastes like your smoking pine forests. The high is clear and uplifting, it has a pretty great giggle factor as well. And I slept like a sweet baby last night after a day spent trimming and smoking this strain. What a dream, it's chunky and covered it crystals so it looks as good as it smells. A real jewel for sure, get that gold,...”

  • “It's a sobering high. I know that sounds weird, but it makes me feel clear headed and content.”

  • “Textbook stuff. What you look for in the best of the best. Run to Patriot Care in Lowell and hope they still have some. Flavors wildly unique, sweet citrus very pungent, earthy sweet middle with a strong orange citrus after taste (I vape with a Pax2) oh my :). Effects I felt: extremely high, happy euphoria, creative, excited you f$cking name it, the best feeling buzz you can but, like drinking a shot of fucking...”