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TAXES NOT INCLUDED $50 minimum order Free gift for first time orders $100 Ounces. Just Ask. >>Welcome to QualiCanna. California's Medical and Recreational Licensed Nonstorefront Retailer.>CURRENTLY WE CAN NOT DELIVER TO FREMONT. FREMONT POLICE DEPARTMENT DOES NOT ALLOW CANNABIS DELIVERY.CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE TO COMPLAIN. Ganja Gold battery instructions: 1) Press button 5 times to turn on/off 2)Press button 3 times to charge temperature (2.6v-Green 3.2v-Blue 4.0v-Red) 3) Press button 2 times to activate preheat function. The buttons will change colors for 15 seconds indicating the contents of the cartridge are being preheated. Press the button at any time to start vaping. OAKLAND OIL BATTERIES INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Tap the bottom the battery 5 times to turn on and off. Turn of when not in use. DO NOT expose to extreme temperatures. There are three variable voltage levels on the Oakland Oil battery. Use the lowest voltage for the best flavor. Use the higher voltage for colder environments. 1) By tapping the bottom of the battery 4 times you can perform a preheat function. Preheat function can last 28 seconds and can be stopped by tapping the bottom of the battery once. Voltage can be adjusted by tapping the bottom of the battery 3 times and can be determined by the color of the battery light. Green=2.4 v Blue=3.2 v Purple=4.0 v Charging: 1) When charging, the light on the USB charger will emit a red light. 2) When charging is complete, the light on the USB will become green.


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“amazing delivery service! I live in a hard place to find and he managed to delivery fast and was friendly! amazing quality tree also!!!”

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“Excellent location. Excellent service! I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend this delivery service!”

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