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“Extremely disappointed with our experience. We visited while in town for the weekend. We went in looking for two specific indica strains which they did not have in stock. We asked the bud tender for a recommendation and told him we specifically wanted something that would relax us and help us sleep. We told him we did not want a euphoric/giggly high. He convinced us to buy Deep Sour Kush. We told him we did not want a hybrid, but he said it was a hybrid of two indicas, so it would be like smoking an indica. You are not allowed to use your phone in this facility so we had to rely 100% on the information he gave us. Later, we looked online and found that this is a sativa dominant hybrid that results in the exact type of high we wanted to avoid. We had not opened the product and immediately called the manager to see what could be done to rectify the situation. It is now three days later and we never received a call back and now we are stuck with product that we didn't even want. $50 down the drain. Not a good 420 for us.”

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“Monterey Bay Alternative was amazing! I felt very safe and comfortable walking in and there were quite a few bud tenders working even at 10am. The staff was friendly and helpful, you will not be dissatisfied with their products or the service. ”

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