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  • Old Toby

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    Old Toby was developed by grower Matthew Gordon to help curb short term memory loss while offering exceptional anti-inflammatory effects. With a terpene profile rich in limonene and pinene, Old Toby uplifts the mind and blankets the body in a trainquility that is medicinal without being sedating.

  • Hawaiian Sunrise

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    Hawaiian Sunrise is a mysterious Hawaiian strain acquired by Colorado Seed Inc. while preparing their robust roster for the mainland. This strain is the mother of Hibiscus Sunrise, another potent cut by Colorado Seed Inc.

  • R-4

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    R-4, also known as Cindy’s Solution, is a CBD-dominant strain with exceptional therapeutic benefits. With a THC/CBD ratio of 1:40, R-4 sits firmly in the medical category, catering to consumers seeking relief from muscle spasms, chronic physical pain, nausea, and a shortlist of other ailments dulled by high quantities of CBD.

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